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We are Manufacturer & Exporter of Food Colors & Caramel Food Colors

Synthetic Caramel Colors

The main role of any Synthetic Caramel Food Colors is to enhance the appetizing value of it. We are the leading makers and suppliers of Food colors in India & are highly preferred in the market over our competitors, due to their high quality. We procure finest food grade raw-material for making our product and produce them as per the latest manufacturing processes. Once made, they are thoroughly quality tested before supplying them to the customers.

We offer them at market leading price rates. They offer rich color to the food and make them look very appetizing & tempting. Our products have high purity level and precise composition. They are completely safe and completely non-toxic and do not cause any health problems, even on regular consumption.

Food Colours manufacturers in europe, usa, ahmedabad, gujarat, india

Salient features :

  • No danger of any health problems
  • Completely safe
  • Non-toxic
  • Food grade
  • High purity level
  • Precise composition

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